Located in Hiraizumi, Iwate, we make and sell Hidehira-nuri lacquerware

Our workshop has been producing lacquerware for generations, going back to the Meiji era.
From our location in sight of Chūson-ji Temple, we sell Hidehira-nuri style lacquerware and art, and offer lacquer-painting workshops and other activities.

Ochiya’s History

Ochiya has been in the lacquerware industry for generations, beginning with the first workshop, founded in the Masuzawa area of Koromogawa village, outside of what is now Ōshu City. The original area was flooded to create the nearby dam, but the workshop once stood at the banks where two rivers met, earning it the local nickname “ochi-ai”, meaning “Where it flows together.”
The Masuzawa area was a rich source of good lumber, so over the course of the late Edo to early Meiji periods, a thriving lacquerware industry sprung up, with specialized trades like woodworking, lacquer-painters, maki-e painters, warehousers and salesmen. At its peak, there were over 60 lacquerware-related enterprises operating just in this small area.

Initially, we had created bowls in an unornamented style called “Masuzawa Lacquerware.” However, the second owner, Makoto Sasaki, had returned to Masuzawa after studying advanced art and lacquer techniques at the Sendai National Institute for the Arts.
He began collecting and studying the historical Hidehira-nuri bowls circulating in the Hiraizumi area, and managed to recreate the once-lost gold leaf applique techniques that are a hallmark of the style.
From that point on, our workshop began to create both Hidehira-nuri lacquerware, and the existing Masuzawa style bowls.

In 1955, with the construction of the Masuzawa dam, the village site was flooded and the residents relocated.
While some were forced to close their doors, other artisans moved their businesses and continued their work. Makoto, the second owner, chose to rebuild his residence and the workshop at its present location in Hiraizumi, and specialized in producing mainly Hidehira-nuri.
Adapting the old nickname, Ochi-ai, he named his new business Ochiya.

In the 60 years since then, from generation to generation, we at Ochiya have continued to strive to discover and expand ever more applications for our craft, polish our technique, and bring you the finest in Hidehira-nuri lacquerware.

Ochiya’s 5th Generation Owner, Yuya Sasaki

Born in Kanagawa prefecture, June 17, 1978. Raised in Mizusawa, Ōshu city, Iwate.
Graduated from Mizusawa High School, and attended Nishogakusha University in the International Politics and Economics dept. After graduation, began working at Ochiya.
Currently serving as the director of Ochiya Co., Ltd.

Engaged in the production and sales of traditional Hidehira-nuri lacquerware in Hiraizumi, Iwate.

Holding multiple national and international art and design awards, including the Good Design award, Sasaki’s work is highly rated, and has included commissions to create a tableware set presented to the Imperial family, a gift set for the Crown Prince of Japan, and gifts presented to world leaders at the 2016 G7 Summit.

In 2014, formed the South Iwate Traditional Crafts Council, a body including many of Iwate’s traditional local industries, and serves as the inaugural chairman. The council was central to beginning factory and workshop tours in 2018, as part of the “Five Senses Tour” event programming.

Achievements and Awards


Exhibited at the WAZA Traditional Crafts Exhibition (Sponsored by Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Association)


Selected for exhibition at Roppongi Midtown’s NEXT: New Face of Japanese Crafts Exhibition (Sponsored by Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Association)


Selected for exhibition at Omotesano Hills’ Omotesando Regional Spotlight (Sponsored by the National Chamber of Commerce Alliance and the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation)


■ Selected for exhibition and Curator’s 14 Best in Show at the New York and Paris Future Tradition WAO Exhibitions (Sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry)

■ Created award plaque for Minister of Finance’s Compliance Award
■ Created award plaque for National Tax Agency’s Compliance Award


Exhibited at Japan Expo in Paris and Asia House in London
Selected for the Good Design award


■ Exhibited at Maison & Objet Paris
■ Exhibited at Ambiante Frankfurt
■ Commissioned to create vases, serving plates, and tableware for Ichinoseki Station guest room


Collaborated with celebrated designer and modern artist Marc Newson to create “aikuchi” sword sheathes


■ Commissioned to create gifts from Prime Minister to world leaders at G7 Summit
■ Created tableware to be presented to Japanese Imperial Family
■ “Words of the North” Poetry Exhibition at Chūson-ji Temple


■ Created award plaque for Minister of Finance’s Compliance Award
■ Created award plaque for National Tax Agency’s Compliance Award
■ Commissioned for Iwate Gubernatorial gift for the Crown Prince of Japan
■ Renovated workshop meeting room for custom order consultations


■ “Words of the North” Poetry Exhibition at Mōtsū-ji Temple
■ “Five Senses” factory tour program held
■ Commissioned for Calsonic Kansei’s 80th Anniversary Commemorative Sculpture
■ Hosted workshop visit as part of Cabinet Office’s Japan-China Youth Friendship Exchange Program
■ Collaborated with Seitaro Design / Pica Corporation to produce “Shiki,” an artistic concept model of a Carbon/Hidehira-nuri Stepladder


■ Style recognized by Agency for Cultural Affairs as a component of Japan Heritage’s The Story of Michinoku Gold
■ Second “Five Senses” factory tour program held
■ Commissioned by Ginji Fan Club to produce Ginji Akaminai 1000 Career Hits Commemorative Trophy


■ Commissioned to produce decorative plates to be presented to heads of state at Tokyo 2020 Olympics/Paralympics
■ Selected for Iwate Business Innovation Award, Business Development Division, for Ochiya’s implementation of custom orders
■ Expanded workshop to include 3rd floor media room and studio
■ Virtual “Five Senses” factory tour program held, chair of executive committee


■ Commissioned by Shueisha for commemorative plate celebrating world-famous manga One Piece’s 1000th episode, to be presented to author Eiichiro Oda.
■ Commissioned by Chūson-ji Temple to produce ornamental clothing rack, retirement gift for Abbot Yamada

Limited company Ochiya store

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9:00~17:00 (it contains also on-Sunday on Saturday)

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Tuesday afternoon,Wednesday (also in a national holiday’s case,it is a rest)


On foot-from Hiraizumi Station 20 minutes
On foot-from Run-Run bus 5 minutes

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